My philosophy is the more you know the better you are prepared for the unexpected. I am a planner and have seen how one hour of pre-planning can and will save time, money and eliminate frustration. I like to call myself an efficiency expert. I believe in working smarter and not harder. My entire career I have sought out areas that I save money and ways of being more efficient, time is money and your time and money should be spent wisely and prudently.

Growing up I wanted to be Frank Lloyd Wright. I loved his philosophy of organic engineering and especially in his residential work. In the seventh grade I pursued drafting and design because that is where Mr. Lloyd started. I really identified with his requirement of hands on experience in the field for admittance to his school of design.

Another of major influence I discovered in collage is Leonardo Da Vinci. I loved how he would blend hard science with creativity and art. Another habit that I learned from Leonardo is test the waters, he would also try to look at things backwards and it changed his view. He also loved to get his hands dirty to learn and really dig into what ever he was studying and absorb as much as possible.

I was lucky enough to Wrestle at BSU while obtaining my first two degrees (Bachelor of Applied Science and Drafting) While in College I designed house and did small remodel projects under the DBA “Jake of all Trades” in the summers. After College I started designed housed and only lasted about six months. I was trapped in an office. I wanted outside so I started building custom homes and specializing in basements under homes while occupied.

After two years of that I wanted more so I went to corporate American and worked at Albertson’s in the Civil Risk Engineering. This is where I started in land development. Our job was to investigate possible site locations and determine what the costs would be to build and compare that to the level of return they were expecting.

Because of my interest in building I thought it would be prudent to gain more education I went back to school. While working full time I attended BSU’s Construction Management program. I was able to complete the program in two years while being selected outstanding student and being inducted into the Sigma Lambda Chi, an international honor society for Construction.

I graduated in the wake of 9/11, so the world was upside down. I stayed local and took a position and a Quality Electric as a Project Manager. I cut my teeth on the first Nano Fab at the Micron Facility. I was able to take my skill with drafting I was able layout all the conduits and save time in the field. I also suggested we run all our conduit runs underground like a distribution grid for future changes. We were able to save over 30% of our labor costs due this change. After four years of great projects I wanted to move to the General Contractor role.

I took a position with McAlvain Construction in their Design Build Department. I was able to work on some really fun historical building down town Boise. Because of my Electrical background I was selected to be the onsite PM for the Main Verizon Switch in Idaho. This was a wonderful project with lots of opportunities and interesting challenges.

ESI was my next home. I started building Walmarts, Fed Ex, Home Depot, Toys R Us, Best Buys and Kohl’s all across the states. While being based here I was fortunate enough to see lots of places. After six years I was asked to co-direct the Multi-Family division with Kelly Perryman. We had great success.

I was contacted by a small local company that had experienced some embezzlement . I was asked to review the last years of accounting. There was embezzlement present and legal issues ensued. After the dust settled, I was hired to set up their company from this type of actions happening again. I was able to turn around the company and within three years they had their most profitable year to date raising the standard margin from 14% to 34%.

I then joined the team of Radix. I was hired specifically for a twelve million dollar hop processing project for Obendorf Hops. Through some creative planning and constructability studies we were able to more than double the bid margin. My next project was a Fuel Distribution Center for Conrad & Bishoff. I was brought in to the project at the mid-point. Due to lack of planning and foresight there were major hurdles we had to overcome in order to open on schedule. Our team was able to recover the time lost and opened on schedule and with a minor punch list.

Most recently I have been consulted with a local Excavation and Concrete company. When I came on board there was not infrastructure in place for operations. I was able to set up the company’s accounting and software, so they were able to track their costs and find the inefficiencies. After one year we had patched all the holes and experienced and 15% increase in margins.

Through all my travels I have never found a place that I love as much as the Treasure Valley.

I like to call myself an efficiency expert. I believe in working smarter and not harder. My entire career I have sought out areas that I save money and ways of being more efficient, time is money and your time and money should be spent wisely and prudently.

Corvus Construction Boise, Idaho

Damie Lasater


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